Marcos Piccinini - Creative Director/Copy
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Here's the Deal

Church's - Here's the Deal


For Church’s 2018 campaign, we developed a brand new concept, and an overarching idea to work in two fronts: the colloquialism of the sentence, where we want to show how truthful and authentic our food is; and the literal sense too - the deal is here, waiting for you, at Church's Chicken.

We started with the message being delivered by the ones that could better capture the authentic tone we were looking for: the employees.


The campaign evolved, and we could explore different aspects of the business, like the innovation behind every new menu item. Still providing the authentic feel, and the real deal in the content. No BS, just the truth and good food, together.

Once our voice and main message was established, we were also able to make simpler executions, with food and VO, and even try different tones, never fully departing from the successful formula: truthful insight, delicious food, great deals.